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Welcome to Chadayamangalam
Late Shri Vayalikada Kuttan Pillai behind the construction of Gandhi Statue at Chadayamangalam Junction.
Chadayamangalam - The Rock City, Land of Cashews, Jackfruit,  Pepper, Coconut, Tapioca, Areca Nut & Rubber Plantation.  Chadayamangalam named in remembrance of Nedila Paranthaka  Nedumchadayan, who ruled  Chadayamangalam between 6th and  7th century AD. The place is believed to have derived its current  name from its old name of Jatayumangalam.  The place has  mythological importance as having connections to the stories in the  Hindu epic of Ramayana.   Jatayu was the giant bird that engaged in a fight with Ravana as the  latter was on his way to Lanka after kidnapping Sita. Ravana cut the  wings of Jatayu, which forced Jatayu to fall down.  Jatayu fell on a  huge rock, which was later called Jatayuppara. Jatayuppara is a  tourist place now.  

Welcome to Chadayamangalam

“Chadayamangalam” or “Jadayumangalam”   Chadayamangalam" or "Jadayumangalam" is historically an important place.  It's a beautiful village lying between  Kilimanoor and Kottarakara, 14km away from Kilimanoor and 21km from Kottarakara. It is  situated on the South East side of  Kottarakkara Taluk and this place is enriched with huge Black Rocks which attracts and fascinates everyone who looks upon them. Neighbouring village is Ayoor which is 3 km from Chadayamangalam Junction. This is  one  among  the  large block in the district with an area of 249.03 sq.kms.Paddy, Coconut, Rubber, Tapioca, Pepper, Cashew Nut, Banana, Areca Nuts etc. are  the major crops under cultivation in the block. Two industrial estate and five industrial co-operative Institutions are functioning here. Population is of 22,213.   Panchayat includes Chithra, Kadakkal, Chadayamangalam, Ittiva, Velinalloor, Elamadu & Nilamel. Jatayu is the son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda who has the form of a vulture. When Ravana was on his way to Lanka on his flying chariot after abducting Sita, he encountered Jatayu. This noble souled bird could not bear to hear poor Sita's cry for help and got into a fight with the mighty Ravana. Ravana cut off Jatayu's wings and he collapsed. Jadayu Para is well known as a tourist destination and a place of pilgrimage. Right on top the rock the building of a huge functional sculpture of the Great Bird Jatayu is under way. An 18ft high Statue of Lord Shri Rama Chandra is been constructed at the top of Jadayu Mountain.


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